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Don’t just face it, embrace it!

I help individuals considering changing careers embrace a new chapter with confidence


How I can help

My clients struggle like you.

Despite their brilliance, creativity, drive, and selflessness, the pressures of building the career they desire seem overwhelming.

What may once have been a fulfilling career has turned into a pointless churn with long hours and no hope of improvement.  Many come home and try their best to care for a family while feeling inadequate as a partner, parent, or caregiver. Their confidence in being the person they aspire to be, whether at work, home, or elsewhere, is diminished.


Erin Dierickx
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate


Does this sound like you?

My patients often report they have been expending more energy than they bring in. They feel drained, cynical, and discouraged that their efforts are not manifesting in the goals they desire. Their attitude, relationships, and health suffer. They feel their time is spent in a job that no longer serves them.

Before my clients came to see me, they concluded that it was “too late” to make a change, and their career “is what it is.” They feared that if they took any drastic steps to improve their lives, it would be considered “selfish.” They believed they were stuck.

The fear of change, but also the fear of never changing, created constant tension and anxiety. 


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Like my other clients

You deserve to wake up every day motivated and excited to accomplish your goals. 

You deserve to arrive home from work with enthusiasm and the strength to do the things you love.

You deserve the time and energy to enjoy and share your life with loved ones. 

If you aspire to attain a career that matches your strengths and take the steps towards achieving your goals, I’d love to help you get there. 

You don’t have to stay stuck. I can help.