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I consider it an honor to connect with you

Hi! I’m Erin Dierickx, a licensed marriage and family therapist and Gottman Level III Trained Couples Therapist.

I love working with individuals who are either considering a career change, beginning new careers, or are looking to further their education.

About Me

Finding My Career

Before I became a therapist, I taught elementary and middle school. I loved working with youth and had the privilege of educating many unique and unforgettable personalities. Eventually, I realized being an educator was not going to be sustainable. I found myself overworked and exhausted. This fatigue led me to feel guilty that I was not performing as the teacher I envisioned.

I knew I needed to do something else.

Before I was able to make that decision, I had to grapple with guilt for leaving the profession I believed I was meant for. It took several years to permit myself the freedom to consider other careers. Leaping into a new career and leaving a profession so closely tied to my identity was unthinkable. 

I struggled immensely.

But with help, guidance, patience, and support, I decided to focus on my dream of becoming a therapist. And that decision has been one of the best I’ve ever made.

I hope to be a support for you as you navigate this exciting and daunting chapter. 


Education and Experience

Before starting my practice, I was a therapist at Twin Lakes Counseling in Federal Way. I am currently a researcher at The Gottman Institute in Seattle where I review the current literature to uncover opportunities for future research as well as monitor current research studies on the science of relationships.


I earned my MA in Couples and Family Therapy from Seattle University and my BA in Psychology from Western Washington University. 


I am a Washington State licensed Marriage and Family Therapist: MG61143094


I have completed all 3 levels of the Gottman Training, which has prepared me to assist couples with communication, connection, and conflict management. 


Life Outside My Practice

I share my current residence in Seattle, WA with my husband and my favorite therapist: a soul-reading, sun-soaking, smiling Shiba Inu named Kota. 

In my free time, I enjoy cooking, baking, and eating (while jamming to some blues, oldies, and Dolly Parton) as well as being outdoors and taking in the splendor of the Pacific Northwest. I am a yogi at heart and enjoy playing virtually any sport that involves a ball. 

I am eager to help driven, smart, talented individuals embrace their strengths and start a career and life they aspire to.